In a historic effort to inspire innovation among inventors, researchers, creators, thinkers, tinkerers and people around the world; and to reward their success in solving some of society’s biggest problems,
The Dewey Foundation has established:

We will pay:

To the first person(s) that solves either of these Problems:

  1. Develop a cure for breast cancer.
  2. Develop a cure for diabetes.

Is it big?   Yes.

Is it different?   Yes.

Will it work?   Yes.

Do we need your help?   Yes.

<<Click Here to see Founder Mike Dewey's Presentation on the Victory project>>

We don’t need a billion dollars; we are well on our way. What we DO need are donations or pledges from everyone who feels like we do… that some problems are so BIG that we need to take a new approach. We appreciate donations of any size. 

If everyone affected by these problems would support this new approach with a donation or a pledge, we will easily surpass our goals. Please help now. Click here to make an online donation, or Click here to make a conditional pledge, or here to learn about the different ways you can help.

This is a serious effort backed by serious people who understand the need to try a new approach. We know you will have questions before you donate; please take a moment to look through the site.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Please see the rules governing these Awards here.

We are an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, so your donations are tax deductible.

The Victory Project represents a dramatic new approach to problem solving and charitable giving. Your donation becomes part of this huge incentive for huge problems.

Please help now


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