Is Your Site Speed Ruining Your Website Marketing SEO Services

Is Your Site Speed Ruining Your Website Marketing SEO Services

SEO Page Speed

Are you faithful to your website marketing seo services? Do you have your seo agency doing service for you on a monthly basis, but something still isn’t clicking for your ranking? Maybe you’re on the first page of Google, but your competition is still ahead. Would you be surprised to know that your speed site could be the culprit? As simple as it seems, site speed could hamper your best seo efforts. It could even ruin your customer’s experience on your site. Think about it. How do you feel when you go to a site and it’s taking forever for the site to load? If it takes a minute to finally load up, you may think you’ve been transported back to the days of dial up internet and AOL. If you take the time to think about, it all makes sense. Google isn’t going to want to serve up your site first if people click out of it because they don’t have the patience to wait for your site. So, make sure you have your seo manager work on this for you.

Are There SEO Tools to Test My Site Speed?

Absolutely. There are many tools available to your seo agency to test your site speed. The good thing is that most of them are free. If you want to check it on your own, simply type site speed into Google, and use one of the first ones that come up. All you have to do is put your url into the input box and it’ll review your site and it’ll grade your site speed. If you get a bad grade, you’ll know there’s work for your seo agency to do. If you get anything from a C to a F, there is work that needs to be completely immediately.

Does My WordPress Theme Have Anything to Do With My Rankings?

Site speed isn’t the only thing that can bring down your website traffic. Believe it or not, the WordPress theme you’re using can also be bringing down your site. If you’ve been using the same theme for a few years, it’s time to have it switched out for a new, modern one. All themes are not created equally and some are better for rankings than others. You need to talk to your seo expert and tell them it’s time to revamp your website. No one else cares about your site the way you do, so make this a priority.

As you can see, things that seem minuscule can end up having a large impact on your site. Don’t just sit on this information. Call your seo agency and tell them you need them to evaluate your site speed this week and you need them to find a better theme for your site. You deserve to rank well and these two tactics will help you get where you want to go.

Taking Care Of the Family Pet

Our pets are incredibly important to us! Dogs and cats in the United States live in comparative luxury, with an incredible array of food to choose from – much of it healthier than ever!

older dog enjoys a bully stick

We lavish on everything from memory foam mattresses for our pets to Kong toys and every type of chewable imaginable. We highly recommend the Bully Stick Shoppe to get a closer look at some of the healthiest snacks you can provide for your animals. There also incredibly good for dental care. We have to remember that our dogs and cats cannot brush their own teeth, so the closest alternative can sometimes be chewing on something with hard edges that can naturally remove plaque that would otherwise build up.

It goes without saying that proper care for your pets goes way beyond just the things that make home living more enjoyable. You should also consider proper health wellness for your loved one. Some dog and cat owners resist the need to use a veterinarian for regular checkups, but then regret it when anyone of variety of conditions manifested itself in result in what can seem like huge expense.

It’s better to keep your pets up to date on routine vaccinations and have periodic examinations done so that any problems can more easily be headed off at the pass. Modern animal clinics feature well-trained doctors and staff, operating with state-of-the-art equipment.

You also want a veterinarian who believes it’s important to continue to stay up on the latest research in animal care. Don’t take for granted that this is a priority for all animal hospitals. In fact, it can be a big mistake to rely on those who don’t take their professional obligations seriously.

We suggest that you interview potential veterinarians before you make a final choice. Stop in the office and find out all about the doctors, but don’t stop there. Watch the staff in action, noting how comfortable they are with difficult animals.

Ask ahead of time what their pricing schedules are. Find out what they charge for routine vaccination and examination. If you get any type of resistance when talking about charges, it might be time to look for another possibility.

It can also be a great idea to shop for pet food and supplies if your veterinarian stocks those as well. That’s because only you and your animals Dr. should thoroughly understand what type of diet is best for their long-term health and vitality. It goes without saying that you should make sure that such supplies are not exorbitantly priced.

Remember that our animals rely on us to make countless decisions for their benefit. If you want your pet to live a long and healthy life, providing years and years of enjoyment for your whole family, consider preventive healthcare at every step.

Using Solar Panels Advantages and Disadvantages

Regardless of how disheartening it may sound, it is the undeniable fact that we, the human beings are one of the primary reasons why this beautiful planet of ours is fast becoming a harsh place to live in. Solar Panels Sydney Our irresponsible way of living and unplanned use of energy has made global warming or “climate change” as a major problem for many throughout this globe.

However, one way of offsetting the detrimental impacts of our irresponsible behavior might be turning towards a more efficient process of consuming energy. This is when solar panels may come into the scenario as a life saver considering the fact that these amazing energy making machines are capable of utilizing the sunlight to produce energy in an environment friendly way that we can use in our everyday life.

Using solar panels for generating energy or power involves several advantages for the human beings. Here we are going to emphasize on some of those.

As we know that our traditional sources of energy, on which we have depended on for so long are exhausting, therefore it has become really important to look for alternative sources. Solar panels, by using the solar power of the sun can be a great substitute that can help us with the cause. These days solar panels are not only being used as the means to supply electricity to houses and businesses, but scientists are working hard to utilize this technology to run vehicles which is actually a great way of reducing our dependency on oil. So from that point of view, using solar panels for generating energy is very much beneficial for the human beings.

When it comes to using solar panels in our houses as a source of fulfilling our everyday demand for power, it is found that these panels are not only capable of supplying us with the necessary energy but at the same time they can be a good source of income too since people using solar panels for generating energy can sell the excess production to others. In addition to this, solar panels can ensure more cost effective use of energy which through the process can cut down the electricity bill.

Another great advantage of using solar panels to utilize solar energy is that these tools can be build easily from the comfort of the house with the help of the right equipments and materials that are available in the market. One does not require having any sort of exceptional skill to make solar panels. Building solar panels is not rocket science; an individual with some basic knowledge on carpentry can build his/her solar panels very easily.

Solar panels can be termed as the “silent workers”. They does not make any sound, have no moving parts or does not produce any offensive smell. These panels are going to sit right on the top of your house or on the head of the poles and will keep generating the necessary energy silently.

However, it is to be mentioned that there are certain disadvantages that one needs to take under consideration when it comes to using solar panels. Firstly, these panels are a bit too costly to buy. One of the reasons behind this might be the fact that there are not too many companies available out there offering solar panels and therefore the issue of offering these panels at a competitive price hasn’t become a major concern for them yet. On top of that, since solar panels depend on the sunlight for producing energy, their performance can be affected by certain weather conditions (i.e. presence of cloud or air pollution). When it is dark out there, no energy will be generated by the solar panels. Even with all these disadvantages, it can still be said that solar panels are one way of moving towards an environment friendly process of energy consumption which can turn out to be one of the major source of energy for the entire civilization in the long run.

Toyota Unintended Acceleration Recall Alert

It’s major news when any automaker is forced to recall 2.3 million models in North America to correct a problem that may result in unintended acceleration. It’s even more newsworthy when that company is Toyota, an automaker that otherwise enjoys a well-publicized reputation for building top-quality cars and trucks.

Toyota’s massive recall is actually part of a one-two punch hit to the giant Japanese automaker. It follows quickly on the heels of its decision to halt production and sales a time while it searched for a fix for the potentially fatal problem car detailing.

For those keeping score, the number of cars, SUVs, and pickups subject to Toyota’s latest recall amounts to some 530,000 more vehicles than the automaker sold in the U.S. during all of 2009. The recalls involver several Toyota-brand vehicles, as well as three models it manufacturers under its premium Lexus brand. It also involves the Pontiac Vibe, which shares its engineering with the Toyota Matrix.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, 19 deaths have been linked to alleged sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles over the past decade. That’s nearly twice as many incidents as attributed to all other manufacturers combined during the same period. If that’s not damaging enough to Toyota’s corporate image, federal officials are also beginning to look into (as of this writing) around 100 complaints regarding faulty brakes in the popular Toyota Prius hybrid. Then there are likely civil actions — perhaps even legislative measures – that could be taken that would take a further toll on Toyota.

There are actually two recalls related to unintended acceleration in Toyota models. The first involves replacing driver’s-side floor mats in an estimated 5.35 million models. Toyota says the mats may inadvertently become caught under the accelerator pedal, causing it to stick in open-throttle mode.

The second and more recent recall involves fewer vehicles, but is a more complicated fix. Here Toyota engineers have isolated the problem to a friction device in the accelerator-pedal assembly. They say it rubs against a nearby metal surface to provide the proper “feel” in what is otherwise an electronic throttle control. (Many cars today eschew the traditional mechanical throttle linkage for what amounts to a variable electronic switch).

Wear-and-tear over time is believed to cause the pedals to operate less smoothly, Toyota says, and in infrequent cases to stick at least partially open. Toyota’s solution, at least for now, is to insert a steel plate into the pedal assembly that will reduce friction and, presumably, ensure smooth operation.

Toyota says the pedal assembly repair will take about 30 minutes of labor at a Toyota dealership. It will be performed at no charge to the consumer, and will be covered under warranty for the life of the vehicle. With a whopping 2.3 million vehicles involved in the accelerator pedal issue alone, however, landing a service appointment will likely take some time and test the patience of already-concerned Toyota owners.